AAA – All About Anxiety

Anxiety sucks! But there are ways to manage and deal with it. In this blog we talk about symptoms, why anxiety happens, how to manage anxiety, how can people around you understand what you are going through, do you need medication, and will you have anxiety forever? So, sit back, read this blog, and take some screenshots or share it on your socials. Too many people suffer in silence. And you possibly sharing this blog may help someone in need, including yourself. Remember, to be kind to yourself, and if you need support, please contact us. We’d love to help you transform and break away from your anxiety. 

What is Anxiety, and What are the Symptoms?

Anxiety is a state of heightened awareness where we think something terrible or imminent will happen, even before it does, and in most cases, nothing occurs. The body then goes into a panic attack (known as fight or flight) that can result in numerous symptoms such as, but not limited to – dizziness, tightness in the chest, sweating, feeling like you are about to pass out, extreme stress, yelling, brain fog, a sudden change in energy levels, gorging on food to soothe or starving in shock. These symptoms are very real, and at Wide Bay Counselling, we can take the edge off any anxiety you or your loved ones may have.

Why do I Get Anxious?

Anxiety is a deeply personal experience, that most often culminates as a response to a past traumatic event. The body starts to notice synchronicities (even subtle ones) in the present moment, and if they in any way replicate what occurred in the past, this can cause an anxiety flare or attack. When this happens, your body is signalling that you have unresolved trauma. 

Therefore, rather than go through anxiety alone, it is best to unpack the experience with a professional like ours at Wide Bay Counselling. That way, when anxiety rears its ugly head again, you can dull it down and heal it gently with the techniques and tools we provide you. Then over time as you give attention to and heal the past, the anxiety will dissipate and you can focus on living your best life.

What Can I do to Manage Anxiety?

There are many ways to curb the stresses of anxiety. At Wide Bay Counselling, we will guide you through what we think will work best for you, based on your history with us. 

Tools for calming down an anxiety attack may include breathing techniques combined with positive affirmations such as “I am safe”. Our professional team will also provide you with additional support via printed handouts, taking you through each tool so that when you next experience anxiety, you have an anxiety toolkit handy and you’ll know what to do to make yourself feel better. Of course, this solution is handy when you are out and about. However, the best way to manage anxiety is to temporarily face the past traumatic event, unpack it all with us in a safe and calm environment, where we will literally hold your hand, and give you tissues, or a pillow to scream into, all while we assist you through the healing process. 

How can People Around me Understand What I am Going Through?

Communication is key. If you are feeling threatened, unsafe and confused, advise people that you suffer from anxiety. We would recommend that you have this discussion before you have a potential attack, that way work, friends and family know what to expect and can support you accordingly. You can even share with them coping techniques and tools, and suggest to them ways that they can assist you through the anxious moment, as this too shall pass. And we do recommend being transparent with those we socialise with. The information that you supply them can be in as little or as much detail as you feel comfortable divulging. Maybe you don’t need to share the traumatic event, rather you share tools that work to calm and support you.

Do I Need medication?

While we are professional Counsellors, we do not prescribe medication. However, we recommend you see a Doctor that you trust and who understands your medical history. In saying that, there are numerous natural remedies that can be fast-acting to help ease the intensity of an anxiety attack. Homoeopathy, such as “Rescue Remedies” and Naturopaths, can also recommend specific herbs. It is a matter of finding what is right for you and what works. This could include regular exercise, meditation and a review of your diet and lifestyle, as food and the chemicals that can be added to them may also affect your nervous system.

Will I Have Anxiety Forever?

Once healed, the traumatic event will no longer cause you anxiety. And over time, it will feel less intense, going from feeling like a 10 (extreme anxiety) on a sliding scale, reducing to five and less (reduced anxiety), to where you feel a little on edge but not enough to shut you down. This means that you are healing the traumatic event (well done – high five), and soon it will be a thing of the past, if you choose for it to be. Facing it is the biggest challenge. But we are here to face it with you.

While anxiety is certainly not a pleasant experience, there are ways in which our friendly, skilled and compassionate Counsellors can help you transform that high-intensity moment of big emotions into a calm wave of peace while remaining grounded in the present. Of course, no one way suits everyone, which is why at Wide Bay Counselling, we are extremely diligent about your personal needs, thus tailoring a bespoke anxiety plan to help you manage. So, don’t let anxiety control your life. Instead, let us show you how to gain control of life and live it in love, peace and calm, fulfilling your every desire.

Wide Bay Counselling is here for you in your time of need.