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Compassionate, professional counselling & psychotherapy for individuals, couples and families in Wide Bay
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Wide Bay Counselling & Psychotherapy

A safe, private space to unpack your challenges and heal from trauma.

There are times when life can unfold in ways that may be difficult to process alone. In those moments, temporary fixes and unhealthy coping mechanisms may be tempting but true healing can only come from a holistic solution that works for you on every level. Our team of highly-skilled, compassionate counsellors and psychotherapists are here to help you navigate the hard times. Our door is wide open when you need support at our Bundaberg office or virtually via Zoom or Skype.

Our Services Include:

Men’s Counselling and Psychotherapy

We create a judgement and stigma free space to unpack the challenges in your life and make it easy for you to ask for help with skilled, supportive counsellors that will ensure your time with us is a positive and life-affirming experience.

Women’s Counselling and Psychotherapy

While mental and emotional health issues aren’t gender-specific, some are unique to, or more common amongst women and require a specialised approach. We create a safe space to help you navigate painful or difficult experiences.

Child Counselling and Psychotherapy

If your child needs support navigating mental or emotional struggles, our counsellors are here to support them. We can help identify and work with disabilities and disorders, giving you and your child the tools to manage them.

When you need support, our door is wide open.

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Client Stories…

I was given space to BE and treated with compassion and empathy

Through fortnightly sessions, I realised what I thought were the issues turned out to be pointers to even deeper issues. I was given exercises, tools and strategies but most importantly I was given  space to just BE.

Booking in for counselling was the best decision I’ve made

I was sceptical about therapy. I wondered if it would just be a waste of time, but after just two sessions at Wide bay, I’m already starting to feel more positive with a better outlook on life.

I’ve been able to release fears

Over time, I’ve been able to release fears, misconceptions, overwhelming emotional traumas and deep-seated grief within myself.

I realised that maybe I can see things in a different light

I’ve been applying a mindfulness practice into my daily life, which benefits my entire family. 

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